How To Rank For High Traffic Keywords

High Traffic Keyword Ranking Strategy

There is a world of difference between achieving good rankings for longtail keywords and getting large volumes of traffic for high traffic keywords.

The temptation is to over optimize for those keywords in an effort to get to the top of SERP’s, but that’s a classic beginner’s mistake and one that we see far too often.

Under optimization is far more effective and is the only way to deliver long term rankings for high traffic search terms….. and they are the ones that you ultimately need to build a successful online business.

Backlink Ratios for Competitive Search Terms

As a rule, the highest traffic terms tend to be the shortest, one, two or three word phrases. Because of this, you site needs to demonstrate relevance for the term, without shouting that you want to rank for it……. an interesting conundrum!

In the old days….. before Google wised up to backlink spam…… all you had to do was to build lots of links using the exact match phrase you want to rank for, but that is now an indication to Google of what to exclude you for and won’t get you where you need to be.


You need to convince Google that your page is all about the high traffic term you want to rank for, and is worthy of a good ranking, BUT…. without shouting about the phrase you are targeting.

It’s targeting without targeting!

But how I hear you ask????

The answer is to firstly make sure that your content includes ‘variations’ of your main high traffic keyword, but only to a density of 1 – 2%….. less is more and it’s important to remember that….. when you reach the point when you think one more mention is needed, delete one instead.

Next, you need some high trust and high authority links, and these links need to predominantly have either your URL, variations of your URL or your Brand name, company name, and/or junk links……. less than 5% of your links should use keyword link text and it should be varied and use different, relevant text depending on the page it is pointing at….. ask for a link building proposal and find out how high your site could be ranking and how much targeted traffic you could receive.

If you are targeting the term “SEO”, you might use “SEO Company”, “Specialist SEO Agency”, “Leading SEO Consultants”, and depending on the total number of links pointing to your page, one link from an authority page using the term “SEO”, but only if your backlink ratios can handle and exact match link.

As a rule of thumb, if 90% of your links are URL, Brand and junk, only 10% are long tail variations, and LESS THAN 1% should be exact match……. So, if you page has 100 links … or rather if your page has 100 different class C IPs linking to it, then one of them can be the exact match phase that you are targeting.